Intramural Package

Just want a little guidance? Work with the College Confidante to target specific needs. This plan is ideal for students of all ages looking to focus in on a subject of their choice.

Students selecting this plan will work with Heidi up to 4 hours  for meetings, research, guidance, and communication.

During the free consultation, families will work with the College Confidante to determine areas of focus from the list below.

Classroom Lecture
  • Assist student with organization

  • Assist with stress and time management

  • Develop student interview skills and confidence through mock interviews, when necessary

  • Help students identify strengths to highlight on applications





  • Guide student in career/major exploration

  • Guide self-exploration to determine factors in college “fit”

  • Discuss importance of job shadowing and assist with opportunities, when necessary

Female Student with Laptop
Studying on the Grass
  • Evaluate student’s record, including high school transcript, standardized test results, extracurricular activities, and special talents

  • Assist in selection of high school academic curricular choices and plan extracurricular and leadership activities

  • Assist with preparation of resume

  • Assist in development of college planning timeline, including SAT/ACT testing

  • Refer to resources for test preparation if necessary

  • Provide guidance throughout the college planning process

  • Explain selection criteria of colleges/universities and help student assess his/her best fit

  • Clarify student’s priorities and requirements for his/her college experience, understand the selection criteria of specific colleges or universities, and research and select appropriate schools to generate a list of good match schools

  • Create a list of target schools for the student to further research

  • Prepare student to conduct meaningful campus visits

  • Provide student research guidance for colleges, career, and scholarships

  • Assist in narrowing down the long list of good match schools to a shorter list of best match schools, with varying degrees of admission difficulty, to which the student will apply

  • Discuss and evaluate early decision, early action, and other decision options

  • Guide student through admission and scholarship application process; provide application review

  • Assist with selection of recommendation letter writers

  • Assist with essay writing, primarily topic development and critique

  • Assist with preparation of supplemental materials

  • Provide basic financial aid information

  • Assist with college decision

  • Assist with waitlist or appeal process, if necessary

  • Assist with review/comparison of financial aid packages



Female Students



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